Au Revoir to France


By the end of our 16 day adventure we had experienced 2 trains, 1600 miles in a rental car, 12+ cities, tons of wonderful food, 2000+photographs and two weary travelers. Looking back on the pictures it is amazing all we got to see and do. It was truly a dream vacation with very little hitches, the worst being tollbooths that spit out your ticket into the wind.




Jared’s favorite thing was the food, especially dessert. We devoured homemade crème glacée daily, sometimes in place of breakfast. We adored the bistro food and couldn’t get enough crepes and croissants. And believe it or not I LOST 10 lbs. Must have been all the walking.




We almost skipped Monet’s gardens in Giverny. I’m so pleased we decided to go at the last minute


The diverse scenery and medieval architecture was delightful.The Château de Beynac was nothing less than amazing and I was awed by the replica of the 17000 year old cave painting of Lascaux II.


Seeing the Eiffel tower from so many vantage points added to the mystique of the famous landmark. For the most part the weather was perfect, even the hot days provided blue skies with puffy white clouds. When it rained, there was plenty to still amuse us.


There was so much contrast between Paris and the countryside and I can’t imagine missing either.


And I still can’t believe we were in the Alps! I’m so thankful we changed our itinerary mid vacation. Annercy was such a wonderful layover.

Seeing the melting glacier at Chamonix really put global warming in perpective. If the current level of melting continues, it will be gone in 2030. That would be such a loss for all.


So now we are home and I want to thank my son Jared for being such a wonderful traveling companion. I hope we see the world together again soon! Next time maybe Thailand!