Dec 15 2014

a la Glen Spey

The Creating Peace Benefit Dinner was Friday night at the Kadampa Meditaiton Center in Glen Spey NY.

This delicate desert is Ginger bread financier with a ginger chantilly cream and a candied goji berry tuile.

This delicate desert is ginger bread financier with a ginger Chantilly cream and a candied Goji berry tuile.

Hors d'oeuvres were passed including crostini with fig and walnut tapenade, arancini, phyllo triangles with artichoke hearts and Voursin cheese.

Hors d’oeuvres were passed including crostini with fig and walnut tapenade, arancini, phyllo triangles with artichoke hearts and Boursin cheese.

The salad course was radicchio with arugula and feta salad topped with dates and roasted hazelnuts.

The salad course was radicchio with arugula and feta salad topped with dates and roasted hazelnuts.

Sweet potato gnocchi with fried sage in a beurre noisette sage sauce with shaved parmesan.

Sweet potato gnocchi with fried sage in a beurre noisette sage sauce with shaved parmesan.

Gen Kelsang Jampa is the Eastern US National Spiritual Director for the New Kadampa Tradition and the Resident Teacher of KMC Texas. He delighted everyone with his warmth and kindness and is known for inspiring and clear teachings.

 The main course was Portobella Wellington served with mashed red bliss potatoes, asparagus and a roasted red pepper sauce.

The main course was Portobello Wellington served with mashed red bliss potatoes, asparagus and a roasted red pepper sauce.

A special thanks to all who prepared the food and served the guests!
And a big hurray for the menu prepared by Kelsang Samatha.

Sep 21 2014

Great Sushi at Soy Asian Cuisine in Monticello NY

I’m really enjoying the newest addition to Broadway. Soy Asian Cuisine has become a new favorite for a quick bite at lunch or dinner. I like sitting at the sushi bar and watching the masters at their work. This time I started with some Thai Tom Yum soup. It had a nice kick and the broth wasn’t too salty.

Thai Tom Yum Soup

Thai Tom Yum Soup

The chef then treated me to a tastey little morsel of seared tuna.

Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna

My next course was one of their Signature rolls, a Fashion roll, lightly fried spicy tuna, crabmeat, cream cheese, avocado, topped with masago, scallion, spicy aioli and eel sauce. It was delightful.

Fashion Roll

Fashion Roll

For a second roll I chose the Tempura Dragon Roll, another of their Signature rolls. The thinly sliced avocado was delicately wrapped around the outside of the roll which was filled with shrimp tempura.

Tempura Dragon Roll

Tempura Dragon Roll

With just a little room left, I savored the traditional Green Tea ice cream for dessert.

What to try next??

Sep 13 2014

The Gourmet Vegetarian

Mushroom Ragout
To any one who has ever stuck up their nose at vegetarian cuisine, the World Peace Cafe, presented the most magnificent menu I have ever experienced in Sullivan County. The feast was flavorful, unique and a pleasure for the eyes. Prepared by Matt Becker, with the help of some very talented chefs, this month’s Food for Thought was a very special event.

Mushroom Ragout
For the entrée, a crispy potato pancake smothered in wild mushroom ragout, roasted garlic and topped with a cold tomato concasse and crispy onions.

Stuffef Mushroom

Hawaiian Caesar Salad

The salad was a twist on the classic caesar, sprinkled with mandarin oranges, coconut, banana chips and a chewy tropical nut chew .

stuffed sweet potato
A second hors d’oeuvre was a sliced sweet potatoes stuffed with smokey herb cheese then topped with roasted red peppers. It was brilliant.

For dessert, we were delighted with risotto pumpkin rice pudding topped with ginger snap and chocolate chip crust and topped with cinnamon Chantilly cream.

Pumpking Rice Risotto

Sep 13 2014

Great Coffee From Around the World

javalove coffee

There is nothing like a GREAT cup of coffee and in Bethel NY, we are proud to have Java Love right in our own back yard. They not only serve a superbly rich cup of joe but also sell their freshly roasted beans, whole or ground, so you can enjoy their great tasting coffee at home.

Owned and operated by Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik, Java Love opened in 2011, roasting coffee with a classic Dietrich 12 Kilo coffee rooster. The hand-selected beans are roasted in small batches to maintain their character and freshness. The freshly roasted beans are bagged and ready to enjoy in just a few days, not weeks or months.

The smell in the shop is intoxicating and with an assortment of varieties from around the world, there’s no better choice for coffee for miles and miles around.

Sep 3 2014

Indian Delights

I decided to try my hand at a traditional Indian Dessert called Gulab Jamuns. These are little round donuts made with a homemade cheese.

The homemade cheese is called Khova. It requires a little extra time to make it fresh, but it is superior to most store bought Khova. I made it by boiling down a gallon of whole milk for 2.5 hours till a thick, sweet curd formed. This was then mixed with flour, formed into balls and cooked.

These little gems are deep fried in a 50/50 mixture of vegetable oil and Ghee. Ghee, which is clarified butter, adds to their delightful richness. The golden brown balls are then soaked in a warm, Saffron and Cardamom sweetened sugar sauce. Yummy! It was worth all the extra effort.

Aug 24 2014

Food For Thought

temple3Located in Glen Spey, NY is a Kadampa Buddhist Temple, the World Peace Temple. Open to the public, one of their regular events is a meditation class followed by a scrupulous vegetarian meal. The last “Food for Thought” featured ginger squash soup, green bean and tomato salad, cold noodles with peanut sauce and a mixed berry cobbler for dessert. fft2
Thank you Rebecca for the care and love you put into the meal and to Ken for the inspiring meditation.

Aug 20 2014

Gifts From a Friend

giftWhat better gift than something to eat! I stopped by a friend’s house to invite her to dinner on Wednesday and she fill me a “doggie bag” from the garden. It made for a beautiful addition to my meal. I love reaping the harvest of a generous gardener.
Topped it off with a little grilled pork, roasted red pepper humus and : )

Aug 18 2014

Good Things Come in Small Packages

We have a tiny little farmers market at our local town hall, but size does not determine quality. I devoured some amazing tomato and goat cheese tarts from The Famous Five Bakery of Sparrow Bush NY. She also had some asparagus onion tarts that I’ll be trying that next time.
Another of the local purveyors, Martha Tully, touted a wonderful array of home-made jams including apple/nectarine, blackberry, plum, apple pie (sounds very yummy), peach and others. It made the choice difficult but worthy.

And even the ordinary was absolutely delightful! The peaches were from Heirloom Acres.
fresh peaches
swiss chard

Aug 14 2014

Yes! Its a Brand New Day

This blog is my way of going back into the world I love …food photography. For 25+ years I had a studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I specialized in food, shooting for the WSJ and various consumer magazines and trade publication. But it was still life and catalog work that really paid the ever increasing rent. As the industry began to change and the catalog photography that had paid the bills took its work in-house, I decide a hiatus was in order to rethink what I really wanted to be doing.

Todays dessert was really scrumptious!

We closed up the studio, and moved the family upstate to our weekend home on the Delaware River. Life was good in the country and the kids prospered in their new school. They now had time for sports and band and Boy Scouts. We enlarged the house from a two bedroom bungalow to a real two-story home. We doubled the size of the garden, collected a couple more cats. And finally added a matching chicken coop so as to raise a small flock of chickens for their colorful and tasty eggs.

The photo market in the area was almost non-existent and leaving the kids alone while I trotted around the globe or tried to commute back to the city everyday was just not an option. So I took pictures for myself, got a job in real estate and waited till the kids were old enough to leave alone.

Which brings me to today,  the kids are almost in college, and I am determined to once again pursue the job I had left behind. So now the work begins to make my way in an industry that it very different from the one I left.

Basically I’m starting from scratch, ready to pay my dues once again. The advantage this time is I have years of actual experience. I know how to over come the obstacles that arise when you’re shooting food on location. I’ve shot chocolate in a 100+ heat wave, shot in restaurants during the rush hour, worked with “chefs” that don’t understand tasting good doesn’t always mean looking pretty. I’ve shot food that only look good for a few minutes. I can make sunshine on a cloudy day, turn winter into summer and have a bucket of tricks learned from working with some extremely talented food stylists.

I can get the job done right and bring my client the pictures they need to fill their pages or website.

So this will be my venue for the love I left behind, this will be my new media.