The Farmers Market

Markets to be more correct. I started at the Pinnacle Peak Farmers market under the shadow of the Wet and Wild tunnels and towers. Later this week I’m off to the one in Sun City.  

Scooped up a variety of  large and small hot peppers, wild onions, local bacon some honeycomb honey and a quick snack from the food truck.

 Itoi’s Onions  were brought to the US by Jesuit missionaries in the late 17th century. These shallot like onions resemble the wild onions harvested on I’toi Mountain by Tohono O’odham people.

Abundant varieties of carrots and acorn squash, fresh eggs, lush cilantro. I pick up some delicate sweet pea sprouts and any local citrus I can procure. I’m starting to think maybe a hearty, roasted   squash  and carrot soup, with a chili twist, grilled squash. citrus salad,  and some sort of quiche with a Hispanic twist.  And I picked up a honeycomb of raw honey.

Went back to the market at sunset for a few more shots!

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