Day 5 Paris and Day 6 Giverny

Pardon the double post but I’m getting a little backed up with so much to see.

Day 5

We awoke up to cloudy skies and a chance of rain so promptly departed our lodgings in search of the Porte de Vanves flea market. This rambling barrage of tables circled a few blocks and was just a short, leisurely walk from our hotel. We spent a couple hours, rummaging through boxes and picking over tables laden with everything from junk to treasure. Acquiring a few trinkets, we headed back to the hotel for a little R&R before dinner. Tonight we decided, we would to try one of the many Crêperies we had encountered on our restaurant search the previous night. Jared ordered a crêpe filled with Cheddar cheese, egg and bacon. I had one stuffed with bacon, goat cheese and tomato. We really need a Crêperie in Pond Eddy!


Day 6

The trip to Giverny would prove to be one of the highlights of our tour. Giverny was the home to Monet and the inspiration of many of his exquisite paintings. We had purchased our ticket the night before so as to not be so rushed in the morning. The trip involved a 45-minute train voyage to Vernon then either a shuttle or a long, 3-mile walk, not the 1 mile I had read in a post.


It was fortunate we arrived at the Saint-Lazare station early with ticket in hand since only one train car had the revered second level. We traversed the countryside backwards but with eyes wide open, peering out the oversized window. The train rumbled along the Seine most of the way so our elevated view was gorgeous. We passed by quaint villages, rich farmland, countless small but productive gardens and even a French manor or two. This taste of the countryside excited us about the upcoming second leg of our journey into the rural France.


When we arrived at Vernon Station, there was once again another the line, this time for the shuttle to the Giverny which was another 1.5 miles away. To our delight and appreciation, the restaurant on the corner offered bike rentals. Yeah, no walking! We snapped up two of the well-worn vehicles and peddled along the level and scenic bike path towards Monet’s Garden. Giverny was a little village in itself so we stopped for a quick bite at one of the take-away shops. I had the finest potato au gratin I’ve ever eaten. America could really do with some fast food like the snack we had just partaken.

The gardens were astonishing; every inch was lined with a rainbow of various rich and seductive colors. Flowers of every variety dotted and lined the paths. My favorite section was the lily pond, immortalized by Monet’s watercolors. I took so many pictures that I made a separate photo gallery for you to enjoy.


After the garden tour, we leisurely made our way back to Vernon exploring the tranquil village till our return train arrived.


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